Life is a journey, live it, don’t just exist in it.

Challenge it, explore it, but know that God intended your life to be a blessing.

Open your eyes and see the wonders of the life that God has given you.

                                         – Gingerbluff 


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Hello World,

I am a mother, a wife, an aunt, a sister, a daughter and a friend.

I am a Christian.

I AM YOU  – living my life to the best of my abilities, thinking that I was getting it right. How wrong I was in my perception of what ‘I’ can do.

It all fell apart in so many ways, so I am starting this blog, for a lot of reasons, one of which I believe that I am not alone with my feelings, that I am at (W.A.R.) with life in general, that my life was interrupted. 

My hope is that my blog posts can lift, inspire, motivate and empower someone else’s life so that they can become a bit more:

W – wiser as I share the varying aspects of my life experiences and the experiences of other women in my circle of life.

A – arrive at a decision regarding a current or past situation and take action – don’t just sit there.

R – realize results good or bad from our experiences, good or bad there will always be a teaching and learning process from each everyday encounter that can be shared, so that someone else can be lifted up.

OH YES!! we will cry, become emotional, get angry, laugh, smile and become empowered

I am woman, standing tall as I  battle this thing we call life.

This is my WAR room, and I welcome you.

Ginger Bluff    #lifeInterrupted 








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